Prof. Rajesh Nair is an
with the mission of
Creating the next generation of Entrepreneurs


I believe that it is possible to create thousands of entrepreneurs tomorrow through instilling entrepreneurship mindset and skill-set in children today. The framework is developed to create transformation in individuals and the community. My research experiments at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Asia School of Business have shown that innovators and entrepreneurs can be nurtured from the general population. This framework to prepare pre-entrepreneurs, who are ready to take on their next steps in solution creation and venture building, has been applied in more than fifty workshops in seven countries reaching more than two thousand participants.


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DegreeC is a company founded in 1997 in New Hampshire USA that focused on the thermal management of high-density and mission-critical electronic equipment in markets, such as, telecom, medical, military, and bio-sciences.

Cambridge AccuSense founded in Massachusetts USA specialized in airflow measurement sensors and equipment for varied applications, such as ICT, bio-sciences, and automotive. AccuSense was acquired by DegreeC in 2003.

TechTop is a charitable trust based in India that was founded in 2006 on the vision that offering the youth opportunities innovation and entrepreneurs would build the next generation of problem solvers. TechTop conducted innovation challenges and workshops for 13 years. Now it focuses on school students.

EnCube Labs was founded on the tested belief that innovators and entrepreneurs can be created from the ground up to make a social impact. After starting in the US in 2014, EnCube India was launched in 2017.


Talk at UN general assembly event on Youth and Technology (Sept 2018)

TEDx Beacon Street talk on Starting up Entrepreneurs (2014)

Z2M Mysore Program empowering children with life useful skills to question, experiment, observe and network to generate innovative ideas through hands-on learning. The program enhanced the capacity of teachers, mentors and children to support conducive ecosystems in their schools.