Rajesh Nair is Professor of Practice in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Asia School of Business, at Kuala Lumpur . He is also a Visiting Scholar at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Rajesh is one of the Founding faculty of Asia School of Business, started by MIT- Sloan School of Management and Bank Negara Malaysia , in Kuala Lumpur. He heads ASB’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center.

Tinkerfest - Makerfest

From nearly sixty 48-hour maker workshops that were conducted for school kids as young as 8 years old to young adults and older adults of even 60 years, we believe that anyone can learn creativity, technology and learn to turn their ideas into physical products. While some students created silly toys that they could play with, some created things that they could use in daily life. The workshop is designed to show them that they already have the ability to learn things beyond their current competence and do things they were afraid to attempt. They build their confidence through controlled failures that are planned in the program, learn to recover, and expand their zone of competence.