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DegreeC is a company founded in 1997 in New Hampshire USA that focused on the thermal management of high-density and mission-critical electronic equipment in markets, such as, telecom, medical, military, and bio-sciences.

Cambridge AccuSense founded in Massachusetts USA specialized in airflow measurement sensors and equipment for varied applications, such as ICT, bio-sciences, and automotive. AccuSense was acquired by DegreeC in 2003.

TechTop is a charitable trust based in India that was founded in 2006 on the vision that offering the youth opportunities innovation and entrepreneurs would build the next generation of problem solvers. TechTop conducted innovation challenges and workshops for 13 years. Now it focuses on school students.

EnCube Labs was founded on the tested belief that innovators and entrepreneurs can be created from the ground up to make a social impact. After starting in the US in 2014, EnCube India was launched in 2017.


Air flow sensor using measurement of rate of heat loss

US 6,763,711

Airflow sensor for filter blockage detection

US 7,726,186

Digital, Back EMF, single coil sampling, sensorless commutator system for a D.C. motor

US 5,672,948

Flow rate and direction measurement system

US 5,929,333

Gas flow and temperature probe and gas flow and temperature monitor system including one or more such probes

US 5,511,415

Intelligent internal fan controller

US 6,318,965

Intelligent networked fan assisted tiles for adaptive thermal management of thermally sensitive rooms

US 6,881,142

Measurement system with self calibrating probe

US 5,792,951

Self learning diaper wetness detector and toilet trainer

US 5,568,128

Multi-stage blower

US 7,435,051

Uniform heat dissipating and cooling heat sink

US 6,942,025

Pulsed thermistor sensor

US 7,201,049

Thermal management system

US 6,319,114


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