Rajesh Nair is the Professor of Practice in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Asia School of Business, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is also a Visiting Scholar at Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT).
Rajesh is one of the founding faculty of Asia School of Business(ASB), started by MIT- Sloan School of Management and Bank Negara Malaysia , in Kuala Lumpur. He heads ASB’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center.
He believes that it is possible to transform average individuals into entrepreneurs with the right kind of exposure and training. As part of his master’s thesis at MIT, he conducted interventional experiments in remote colleges in India. The ‘Pre-Entrepreneurship Development Framework’ he created is a method to catalyze innovators and entrepreneurs in under-served communities from the ground up from a young age to build sustainable local entrepreneurship ecosystems.


His current personal mission is to create one hundred thousand entrepreneurs in the next ten years through scaling the Pre-Entrepreneurship Development Framework he developed at MIT into rural and under-served communities in the developing countries to reach more than a million youth.
He founded EnCube Labs, a social enterprise to achieve this mission and help set up EnCube FabLab in Gandhinagar to train mentors and role models, and place in under-served communities to nurture an ecosystem that could transform these communities.

  • Spoke at UN General Assembly in Sept 2018 on Youth Development in under-served communities.
    Conducted more than 50 workshops based on “Pre-Entrepreneurship Development Framework” in India, USA, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, East Timor, and Indonesia.
  • Founded Degree Controls, a manufacturing company based in Milford, NH USA that supplied custom thermal management products for leading Fortune 50 corporations in networking, medical, military and data center markets in 1997.
  • Founded TechTop Trust that works on promoting innovation & entrepreneurship among Indian youth since 2006.
  • Spoke at TEDx Beacon Street on his experience in ‘Starting Up Entrepreneurs.’
  • Developed several industry standard products and holds 13 US patents.
  • Received the Entrepreneur of the Year award from New Hampshire High Tech Council.
  • He received Masters degrees in Engineering & Management (MIT, Cambridge), Manufacturing Engineering (UMass, Amherst) and Electronic Product Design (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore).
  • He holds Bachelor’s degrees in Physics (Kerala) and Electronics & Communications engineering(IISc).

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