Tinkerfest - Makerfest

We believe that anyone can learn creativity, technology and learn to turn their ideas into physical products. Where, TinkerFest is designed for school students and MakerFest for adults. The workshop is designed to show them that they already have the ability to learn things beyond their current competence and do things they were afraid to attempt.

Ecosystem Development

The creativity of a group depends on the skills of the people in the group, their culture, access to tools and resources, and a space to meet and exchange ideas.

Can such ecosystems be built from the bottom up? Yes, we have created such ecosystems in schools, universities, communities, and corporations through programs.

Innovation Intervention

The program Innovation Intervention: A Bootcamp on Design, Making, and Disruptive Thinking is a corporate innovation program that can spark creativity, provide tools and frameworks on design thinking, enhance exposure to disruptive technologies, and catalyze a culture of continuous innovation within companies for improved customer empathy and new product development.