Zero2Maker Workshop, Bekraf Habibie Festival, Jakarta 2018


Going from Uninitiated or Zero to a Maker, the student is exposed to maker experience and learns to create things. This builds experience and develops craft in physically realizing product concepts. They could be hardware products, software applications or new processes.

Design of this course is for non makers who want to start learning but they are afraid of things which they belive its hard. But with this course and a step wise exercise it become so easy to get them confident for learning.

What is making?
When we were children we used to imagine things of fantasy like a spaceship, and made them with things such as cardboard boxes, bottle caps, popsicle sticks and glue. Of course, these things did not function as intended but was a vehicle for imagination, construction and sense of achievement. As we became adults we lost this practice and ability because we feel anything that we make should be practical and functional. But this quality of wild imagination and creating functional or nonfunctional prototypes is needed to think of unconventional solutions and innovate outside current solution approaches to address a problem. It requires the student to think within a product system consisting of how a user would interface with the product, its physical design and internal functioning system, such as electronics or coding, to bring out its expected behavior.

Project Information

  • Course
  • Designed for `Non-Makers
  • Skills: Prototyping-3D Printing, Electonics, Making
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